What Name Would You Call Your Child?

The general perception in naming children varies from continent to continent.  Sometimes, it plays out within a continent because it is believed that a person’s character and success revolve around the name he bears.

No parent wants to name his or her child with a funny bad name associated with a sort of curse. 

In parts of Africa, for instance where there is deep reverence for ancestors, many names are linked up with idolatry.  That is among the reasons why ‘change of name’ usually fills up pages of newspapers.  A child may live with such an idolatrous name till he reaches eighteen after which he realises the bad luck the name carries and heads to a local tabloid to effect the change.

For instance, names that mean ‘the son of thunder’, ‘beautiful snake’, ‘our family shrine’ are immediately changed on realisation.

In America, Europe, Asia and Australa, the case appears somehow different as most names stemmed from inanimate objects.  People who answer such names are quite comfortable with them.

‘Stonebridge’, ‘Wood’, ‘Dick’ are few instances of the names individuals are known by in the western world.

From a random sampling of ideas collated at various times within the past days, a person’s mindset plays a major role in relation to the name he bears.  It makes no difference whether a name is perceived to be either good or bad.

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