What Is Your Choice Of Ladies – Fat Or Slim?

Global perception on individual aesthetics in terms of size varies.  The variations become more obvious when they are examined on the basis of continent.  Just like climatic conditions, some folks prefer Winter to Summer; others opt for Fall.

This is one of the reasons people go for vacation to catch the ambiance of some natural habitats in distant lands.

There are preferences when it comes to how tall or short, fat or slim an individual looks.  There seems to be a wide gap in diversities, particularly in the western world.  Slim ladies and huge tall guys are often admired in developed countries.  The fight is directed towards obesity in order to keep fit.

Conversely, well endowed fat ladies take the lead in some African countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa where a slim guy could be ready to stake his life for a beautiful fat lady.

Since the prevalence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the regular education is centered on a steady loss of weight as one of the symptoms.  It follows that a lady could be seen to have contracted the disease because she is slim.  This sentimental rather than scientific judgment makes the society irreverent.

However, a large portion of slim ladies turn out to be fat and even obese, while the fat ones maintain status quo or go totally obese as they start giving birth.

Respect is important as far as people’s preferences are concerned.

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