Rumuokoro Abattoir safe for meat consumers

A frontline butcher, Frank Ebere at the Rumuokoro abattoir has recently debunked claims by a section of the public that butchers use tyres and plastics to roast goats and cows before slaughtering for commercial purpose.

In an exclusive interview with, Ebere said “for now it is perfectly with firewood.  The government and meat consumers know the health hazards of carbon to the human system, which made us to caution the boys that roast the skin not to use tyres or any form of plastic during the process”.

Speaking to a faction of consumers at the Rumuokoro market, buyers expressed satisfaction at the hygiene nature of the meat.  Ukachukwu Ibe, a meat buyer said, “the meat is okay, I enjoy eating it, no problems”.

There is a widespread complaint from the public that meats are getting expensive on a daily basis.  “All these cows are not Nigeria products.  Nigeria imports from the Republic of Benin, Chad and Cameroon.  The cost of purchase, transportation and other costs are factors that contribute to the hike in the prices of meat”, Ebere noted.

“The government needs to collaborate with farmers to produce quality cows here in the south.  By so doing, the price of meat will reduce considerably.  We have all it takes to produce cows of better quality and quantity as they grow faster here than in the north”, he concluded.

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