RUMUEKINI, PORT HARCOURT: What The Autopsy Result Says About Iheanachor’s Death

The autopsy result of the death of Iheanachor Clinton who was said to have taken his own life in Rumuekini Community in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State has come out.

The autopsy result which was signed by the Consultant, Pathologist, Dr. Musa Stephen of the Port Harcourt Military Hospital shows that the deceased died of what he described as Subdural hemorrhage, from blunt force head trauma and not sniper as earlier speculated.

Some family members of the deceased who spoke to newsmen in Rumuekini expressed sadness over the incident. 

A brother to dead Iheanachor, Abuluchi Ikegwuru confirmed that his brother did not die of natural forces as revealed in the autopsy result.

“It’s most unfortunate that a boy of that age had to die in such a manner.  About the publication, it is crystal clear that whoever published that he drank sniper should desist because the person lied.  It never happened.  He wasn’t that traumatized as to take his own life. 

“The world was not crumbling on him that he would go and take his life.  It is a capital lie from the pit of hell.  As a family, we are not happy about the death and we decided to do an autopsy, to know the cause of his death.

“We are very sure of what killed our son and brother Achor.  But we are very surprised that after two days, a certain report reported that he drank sniper and died, which is not true.  The autopsy report is here with us.

“The cause of his death was blunt force head trauma.  The Pathologist said that it is not a normal thing, it is not a common death within a boy of his age.  As a family we come to refute it and say nothing like that happened”, Ikegwuru said.

On her part, sister to the deceased Joy Ikegwuru who claimed to have been at the scene of the incident narrated what transpired.

“I was called by a neighbor that my brother was sick.  When I called the line, it was his girl friend that picked the call.  She said that I should start coming immediately, it is too critical.

“I had to call a friend; he said he was on his way to his (Iheanachor) house.  After a long period of time, he called back and said, “Joy, I can’t continue hiding this from you, Achor is dead”.

Joy went on to say, “I rushed to the scene that night.  When I got there, from the window, I saw the corpse; I saw how he was lying, with blood, vomit and faeces all over him.  The landlord’s younger brother was the one who explained that they were with the deceased.

“They asked the deceased to buy them drink for the celebration, he said he wanted to sleep and that when he woke up he would buy them the drink.  So, he went inside and never came out with the money for the drink at his side”, Joy noted.

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