PICTURES: Keke Napep Riders, Others Reject Traffic Decongestion Laws, Attack FCT Taskteam

The Chairman of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Ministerial Task team on Free Flow of traffic, Mr Ikharo Attah was attacked on Thursday morning by a set of aggrieved Keke Napep riders, roadside mechanics and hawkers damaging his official vehicle and work equipment.

The angry individuals who are working for Rickshaw (Keke Napep) collectively expressed their frustration on the FCT Taskteam with a view to letting them have their way.

Using back channels, some of the traders and other violators of the Land Use Act along the ever-busy Nyanya road had reportedly made efforts to get Mr Attah and his team to relax the laws so that they can ply their trades on the expressway, a move that was consistently rejected by Mr Attah and his team.

However, on Thursday morning, the team came under attack from the traders and mechanics who hurled all manner of missiles at the team members.

“During today’s clean up exercise at Nyanya interchange to ensure total free flow of traffic, keke NAPEP mechanics and some roadside traders attacked the traffic free flow task team. My official car was damaged.

Abuja is our project.  It must work”, Attah said in a brief message to reporters.

Mr Ikharo Attah’s damaged hilux.
Mr Ikharo Attah’s damaged hilux.
Scene of the incident.
Scene of the incident.

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