On Single-Mother Stigmatization, Psychiatrist Proffers Counsel

A Psychiatrist with the Benue State University Teaching Hospital (BSUTH), Dr Ninyo Omidiji, has counselled single parents especially ladies, against accepting the stigmatisation of single motherhood.

Omidiji told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Abuja that single mothers should stop hiding their children and face the realities of life.

He said that If a prospective suitor would not cherish the “single mother” status, they would still not fancy such person without a child.

According to him, if you are a single parent, let nobody despise your single status, you are not an object of pity or ridicule that the society wants you to believe you are.

The psychiatrist noted that having a child outside wedlock was not a disease, neither was it a crime.

According to him, while it is standard and desirable that children are made within the setting of marriages, it should not carry a stigma if and when it happens outside of wedlock.

He stated that there were no illegitimate children; however they were made, even if they were produced by illegitimate relationships.

He said that, a society that frowned at abortion but turned around to stigmatise single mothers was an ungodly one.

“I need you to start seeing your child as a blessing, a gift from God and not a concern, there are couples who desperately desire what you have and will give anything to have it.”

He called on single mothers to stop hiding their children, adding that if a prospective suitor would not like a status of “single mother”, he would not like such without a child.


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