Oldest Man In Germany Celebrates 114th Birthday

The person who is believed to be the oldest man in Germany, Gustav Gerneth, had a wonderful day today Tuesday as he celebrated his 114th birthday.

The celebration featured among others a Frankfurter Kranz, a ring-shaped buttercream cake.

Mayor Bernd Poloski visited Gerneth at his home in the north-eastern town of Havelberg, bringing him best wishes from politicians, a gift hamper with Gerneth’s favourite candy and flowers.

“He still likes to eat sweets,’’ Poloski said afterwards.

As in previous years, Gerneth spent his birthday only with a small group of people.

 “He is still interested in things, especially in football,’’ Poloski said.

He is a trained machine operator and was born on October 15, 1905, in what is now the Polish city of Szczecin.

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