Oldest Man In Canada, Links The Secret Of Longevity To A Good Wife

108 years old Esmond Allcock has linked the secret of longevity to a good wife.

Allcock, from Kerrobert, from Saskatchewan, a province in Canada celebrated his 108th birthday early this year. He is one of the oldest men in Canada.

“I didn’t behave myself for a few years there, but then I got a really good wife,” he said, when asked how he managed to live a long and happy life.

His wife Helen passed away seven years ago after 72 years of marriage. He lived alone in the family home for a short time and then decided to move into the Kerrobert Health Centre.

Employees at the centre threw the 108-year-old a birthday party.

“Oh they nearly drove me nuts. They probably took 100 pictures of me,” he said laughing.

The town’s Mayor Wayne Mock, also attended the party.

The Mayor of Kerrobert stopped by the Kerrobert Health Centre to announce he declared January 26 as Esmond Allcock Day. (Submitted by Jaime Frydenlund)

Long-distance celebrations

Although his son Dale Allcock, 78, couldn’t make it to the party from Port Coquitlam, B.C., the two Facetimed beforehand.

“We Facetime every day on his iPad and you can really tell how happy he is, and they treat him like gold in there,” he said.Home sweet home

According to his son, Allcock has lived in Kerrobert, which is located about 200 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon, for 100 years and worked as a farmer before retiring in 1975.

He has 67 living relatives which includes 38 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren. 

“He really is a gift. That’s about all we can call that,” said Dale.


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