Nigeria At 60: LAWSAN Urges Youths On Leadership

The Nigerian Law Students Association (LAWSAN) has urged youths in the country to wake up and take their place of leadership in every aspect of the nation, be it politics, law, business, environment or sciences.

National President of LAWSAN, Ms Blessing Agbomhere, said this in an statement to mark the 2020 Oct. 1 Independence Anniversary of the country on Wednesday in Abuja.

Agbomhere maintained that Nigeria needed the energy, creativity and innovative abilities of the youths to move from a third world to a first world nation.

According to Agbomhere, it’s either you lead this nation or this nation will lead you and If we don’t do it, no one will do it.

“We the youths are the ‘origo’ fortress that can guarantee a new Nigeria; we must rise up to the challenge of uniting and developing our nation, just the way our fathers rose up to demand for the independence of Nigeria in 1960.

“We are working hard to reposition LAWSAN as the second most intelligent and erudite body after the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

“We have commenced several projects to bring LAWSAN to the limelight and put it in a position to fill the leadership lacuna in Nigeria,” Agbomhere said.

The LAWSAN president called on members from every Nigerian University, and all Nigerian youths to seek knowledge, engage in good governance advocacy, combat human and environmental rights abuse and preach against corruption.

The president also stressed the need for the youths to stand up for the defense of the rule of law, imbibe the culture of rendering community service and participated in every algorithm of nation building.

She implored Nigerians and the youths on the occasion of the country’s 60th independence anniversary to remember and acknowledge the labour and efforts of the heroes past.

She also urged all to be thankful to God for being alive to celebrate 60 years as an independent nation and to also appreciate great leaders, who put their lives on the line for the country to gain independence.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the theme for the 2020 independence celebration is “Together”.


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