LADIES, Here Is How To Keep Warm While He Is Away Watching AFCON Matches

The cold weather is here to stay long enough. You might be enjoying the heat from those cuddles that keep you warm but then again, its football time. This means your man may be away to watch AFCON matches with the ‘boys’. These are some of the tricks to help you keep warm until he comes back late in the night.

1.         Be warm and comfortable in your dress around the house.

Add on a hoodie as a layer on top of the t-shirt you’re already wearing. Wear a moderate pullover, socks and slippers. Everything should feel comfortable and warm.

2.         Keep  your windows closed.

Check around the house to see that all windows in the house are closed.  Put your hand around all of the edges of the window and see if you have an air leak that could be letting in cold. Closing windows and blocking air leaks means that your house is much more efficient in terms of retaining heat, and the heat stays inside.

3.         Get enough blankets

Have enough blankets for your bed and two or three more that you can grab if you feel cold on the couch. Have one on yourself when watching the TV, film or reading a book.

4.         Eat warm meals.

Consuming warm foods leaves your body feeling warm, elevating your internal temperature and creating a feeling of warmth. Second, the process of cooking something contributes heat to your house.

Cook up a big batch of hot soup and when you eat the soup, you’ll feel warm.

5.         Take warm showers or baths.

 A hot shower or a warm bath will make you feel much warmer on a cold day.Have a nice thick towel to dry off with and a warm robe to slip on immediately after the shower.

6.         Wear house slippers.

The first part of your body that feels cold in rainy seasons is your feet. The easy way to do that is a pair of warm house slippers.

7.         Take hot water to bed.

One trick is to fill up a water bottle with really warm water and toss it under the covers of your bed minutes before bedtime. While you prepare for bed, the water bottle is warming up the blankets retaining the heat inside.

8.         Grab a hot brew of tea or coffee

This helps to keep you warm.  Take a sip intermittently and avoid being carried away with some tricky chores so that the cup of tea or coffee gets cold before you realise.  It is often advisable to keep it by you or carry it around the house until you take the last sip.

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