Mix Feelings Trail Buhari’s Second Term Inauguration

Sequel to the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term and the oath of office taken by 29 governor-elect today at the Eagle Square, Abuja, selected Nigerians in Rivers State have aired out their expectations in the face of a daunting and challenging economy.

In a separate interview with OKB News Online, the living condition of quite a lot of people in Rivers State is at its lowest ebb.  Solomon Iheanyienena is a painter who lives in Port Harcourt.

“My expectation is that there will be work for us, almost two years now, I have not got a job, my children used to be in private school but now some of them are at home.  I have five children, three are at home not doing anything because there is no money to carry them along, he said.

Solomon went on to say, “My son is in university, I owe two sessions school fees.  Things are so critical; no food; since morning I have not eaten.  The government should help create jobs to assist the less privileged”.

Uwem Augustine, a try-cycle rider said “In this Buhari’s second tenure, I do not expect anything because in his first tenure, nothing good came out so I am not really happy to hear that Buhari was sworn in for a second tenure today.  There is nothing to expect from the Buhari-led administration.  He has changed Nigeria to the worse”.

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