Be Your Own Boss: 7 Reasons Why You Should

In the face of current economic downturn where white collar jobs remain a mirage; even those that are employed, many of them are either underemployed or are grossly underpaid, the need to be self employed or be your own boss cannot be overstressed.

A large number of people who are presently employed will eventually end up being self employed because they certainly must retire one day.

As we examine this subject of discussion, 7 reasons stand out on why you might want to start planning towards being your own boss.

1.         Be Your Own Boss

It feels awesome to be your own boss, not having to report, or answer to anyone. This is probably the greatest appeal of self-employment.

 2.        Make Your Own Rules

Due to the fact that you are your boss, you leverage on the privilege of setting rules within the periphery of your business and run with them.  At this time, things are different; not like when you strive to abide by the policies of an organisation somewhere that does not really value your worth.  Sometimes, you could be sacked if you break a policy on three consecutive times.

You cannot be richer than your employer!

 3.        Create Wealth

You are more likely to make more money being self-employed than working for someone else. You cannot be richer than your employer! You are more likely to be in a position to enhance the financial fortunes both of yourself and those who invest in your enterprise, if it turns out to be financially successful.

For example, every one of Mark Zuckerberg’s friends who were core promoters of the Facebook project are today billionaires!

 4.        Be a Productive Economic Player

As a self-employed individual, you are invariably a productive economic player who is providing employment to other individuals, paying (corporate) taxes and contributing to the overall public good by providing services and products that one way or the other adds value to peoples’ lives.

 5.        Build Something From the Ground (Scratch) Up

An entrepreneur is invariably a builder. You are building something from scratch that will possibly grow into a huge corporation, with influences extending beyond your immediate environment, perhaps even globally.

6.         Enjoy a Sense of Accomplishment

There is an incredible sense of achievement and personal satisfaction that comes from watching a business that you built from scratch grow into a huge corporation, providing a livelihood for hundreds of employees, and making tangible positive impact on the society as a whole, sometimes potentially for posterity.

For many successful entrepreneurs this is probably a greater reward than the financial returns.

  7.       Leave a Legacy

As an entrepreneur you have a unique opportunity to grow your business to such a level that it becomes a part of your surviving and thriving legacy after you pass on.

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